MaineDOT’s Work Plan

The MaineDOT work plan lays out the work that the State is planning on completing over the next three years (2022, 2023, and 2024). Projects planned by MaineDOT often create opportunities for making improvements that benefit the City of Bath’s active transportation goals. See what projects MaineDOT is planning in Bath over the next 3 years.
Link to MaineDOT Projects in Bath via Interactive Work Plan

City of Bath: Pedestrian Safety Action Plan

In 2017, MaineDOT, the Bicycle Coalition of Maine, citizens, and municipal officials met in Bath for a forum on pedestrian safety. The forum identified five priority problem areas. This August 2020 report explains the details of those problem areas and proposes specific steps to be taken.
Download the 2020 Pedestrian Safety Action Plan for the City of Bath (PDF)

Maine Laws and Resolves Addressing Bicycle and Pedestrian Needs

Sensible Transportation Policy Act
Title 23, §73: Transportation policy (

Title 23, §611: Definition (
Title 23, §612: Authority of Department of Transportation (

Active Transportation Plan
Resolution to Develop an Active Transportation Plan – June 2021 (PDF)