Why Walk and Bike in Bath Maine?

Bicycling and walking are healthy and economical alternatives to driving a motorized vehicle. Concern about climate change linked to the internal combustion engine and about health issues such as the increasing rates of obesity in Maine (30% of all adults in Maine are now obese up from 19% in 2000 and nearly 50% are overweight) makes promoting biking and walking more important than ever.

The City of Bath is ideally situated for both activities. Forty-one miles of sidewalks grace 80% of its streets. Traffic is relatively light and the maximum speed limit in town is 30 miles per hour with the vast majority of streets posted at 20 or 25 mph. Bath is compact with its 13 square miles of area running for some four miles along the banks of the Kennebec River. The downtown stores and the shopping center are within two miles of most homes, an easy distance for biking and with the majority of homes within a one-mile radius of the downtown, a convenient distance for walking. For the great majority of its citizens all commercial, recreational, educational, and religious facilities are within easy walking or biking distance.

All this makes Bath an attractive place, and its superb biking and walking environment ought to be promoted to encourage investment in the city.