Help Bath Thrive: Drive 25

Driving at the speed limit makes the roads safer and more comfortable for everyone, especially people who are biking, walking, running, and rolling. The “Help Bath Thrive: Drive 25” campaign raises awareness about the impacts of speeding and invites everyone to become part of the solution.

How you can help

Add your name to a letter of support that will let the City of Bath know that this issue matters to you and that you are supportive of improvements to make the streets of Bath safe and comfortable for everyone.

Other ways to get involved

  1. If you drive a car, please slow down
    Driving at the posted speed limit will have an immediate impact on the safety and comfort of everyone else who uses the road. Always keep your eyes open for cyclists, walkers, and others. The speed limit in much of Bath is 25 MPH (hence the tagline Help Bath Thrive: Drive 25).
  2. Participate in the Process
    If you’re interested in making Bath an even better place to bike, walk, and roll, please consider attending one of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Public meetings. Questions and suggestions from the community are always welcome.
  3. Share your concerns and suggestions with your Bath City Councilor
    Not sure who your councilor is and don’t know how to contact them?
  4. Consider biking or walking to your next destination
    Many residents in Bath live within 2 miles from the center of town. If you don’t have too far to go, traveling by bike or by foot can be a convenient, healthy, and fun way to get there, and you can save your gas money for something else.
  5. Make A Donation
    Make a donation to the Kevin Shute Bicycle and Pedestrian Advocacy Fund and help the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee cover expenses related to advocacy and education.

What happens when drivers speed?

Reduced Field of Vision

The field of vision of a driver moving at 30 mph is about five times smaller than what is seen at 15 mph. This makes the road dangerous for vulnerable users who travel on the edge of roadways.

Increased Likelihood of Killing a Pedestrian or Cyclist

Even just a speed increase of 5 MPH can dramatically increase the likelihood of a driver killing a pedestrian or cyclist.

Reduced reaction time

No matter how attentive you may be, the faster your vehicle is traveling, the greater the distance you will travel before you can react to changes in the road, and the longer it will take you to stop your vehicle.

Other Statistics About Speeding and Pedestrian Risks

  • 500 children under 14 years-old are killed each year while walking in what should be their safe haven—their neighborhood (NHTSA).
  • Each year over 4,000 sons, daughters, mothers & fathers are killed while walking in neighborhoods or crossing streets (NHTSA).
  • The death rate on residential streets is over twice that of highways – measured per miles driven (NHTSA)
  • A pedestrian hit in a 30 mph speed zone is 3 times more likely to die than one hit in a 25 mph zone (General Estimates Database of Police Reported Accidents (NHTSA).