Three New Bike Racks installed in Downtown Bath, Maine

The Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee and Bath Public Works installed three new bike racks downtown on Monday, June 21st. This project is part of larger effort to increase the convenience and comfort of biking into the Downtown area. Having adequate bike parking located in numerous places throughout the Downtown area is an important part of encouraging citizens and visitors to the area to use bikes instead of vehicles. After receiving positive feedback from a Bike Rack Popup Project in 2019, the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee has been working towards a goal of increasing bike parking throughout the City or Bath.

Three New Convenient Locations

The new racks have been installed in three convenient locations on Centre Street, Front Street, and Elm Street.

Centre Street located in front of Center Street Bakery
Front Street in front of Island Treasure Toys
Elm Street next to Country Farm Furniture

Updated Bike Rack Map

Visit the Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee’s Map of Bike Racks in Bath Maine to see a map that includes all the bike rack locations throughout the City of Bath.

A Big Thank You to the Volunteer Bike Rack Assemblers

On Friday, June 18th, volunteers gathered at Bath Public Works to assemble the bike racks. Thanks to everyone for getting this done. Special thanks go to Jake from Public Works who provided the group with a location and the necessary tools to get the work done.

Kevin Shute (Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee) and Ben Averill (Bath Planning & Development Department)
Kevin Shute (Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee), Ben Averill (Bath Planning & Development Department), Andrew Meredith (Bowdoin College Summer Intern through the Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center), Grace Dempsey-Blair (Morse High School Green Club), and Tim Blair (Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee)

How does vehicle speed in Bath impact you?

The Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee is asking citizens of Bath to share their thoughts on how vehicle speed affects them. Please consider completing this short questionnaire to provide important information to the committee. The results of this questionnaire will inform the City of Bath’s planning process related to traffic calming and improving the safety and comfort of roads for all users.