Our Accomplishments in 2020, and 2019

The following report lists accomplishments related to Bicycle and Pedestrian infrastructure and related projects in the city of Bath, Maine. The Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee works closely with municipal departments and other organizations to get this work done. We like to share Bath’s accomplishments each year, but somehow during all the disruption in March of 2020, we we never had an opportunity to share our 2019 accomplishments, so this report includes items from the past two years.

2020 Accomplishments

Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance

The Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee works closely with Bath Public Works to prioritize the City’s sidewalk rehabilitation and new construction projects. 

  • New sidewalk construction on Western Avenue near Dunkin Donuts
  • New sidewalk construction on Congress Avenue at tennis courts
  • Sidewalk rehabilitation on Spring Street
  • Sidewalk rehabilitation on Crescent Street
  • Engineering for new sidewalk on Crawford Drive (started)

Other Bicycle and Pedestrian Related Accomplishments

New 10 foot travel lanes

  • High Street from route 1 south to Winnegance.
  • Washington Street from Route 1 south. 

Downtown Bike Racks

The City has purchased four 3-hoop bike racks and rails for downtown installation (scheduled for May).

Bike Safety Class for Bath Middle School students
The Committee organized a Bike Safety Class for all 6th graders at Bath Middle School scheduled for April/May 2020 in collaboration with BCM and volunteers. Due to COVID it was canceled and will be rescheduled.

Complete Streets Policy Updated
The Committee delivered an updated Draft of Complete Streets Policy for Adoption by Council

Crosswalk Survey
The committee completed a survey of 350 crosswalks in the city, assessing location, curb ramps, detectable warning fields, lighting and sight lines.

Partial Closure of Front Street 
During summer, parking on the west side of Front Street was eliminated to widen the walkway to ensure social distanced pedestrian traffic and to allow for popup parklets. 

Slow ME Down Campaign
We have signed onto the Bike Coalition of Maine’s Slow ME Down campaign and are encouraging all members of the Bath community to sign on to the campaign as well.

2019 Accomplishments

Sidewalk Construction and Maintenance – 2019

  • Sidewalk rehabilitation on Clifton Street
  • Sidewalk rehabilitation on Mechanic Street
  • Path rehabilitation from Fisher Mitchell School to Middle Street
  • Sidewalk rehabilitation on North Street from High Street to Washington Street
  • New sidewalk construction on High Street from Marshall Street to Getchell Street
  • Sidewalk rehabilitation on Oliver Street Circle

Other Bicycle and Pedestrian Related Accomplishments – 2019

Popup Bike Rack on Front Street
A temporary bicycle rack was placed in the 30 minute parking spot at the corner of Front and Centre Street, in celebration of National National Bike month, May 2019. The rack accommodated 6 – 8 bicycles and the usage was monitored by Bath Middle School Students, led by teacher Monica Wright. At the completion of the project,  students presented their findings to the committee and citizens at Bath City Hall.

Google Map of Bath Maine Bike Racks
Committee member Carl Zies developed a map of Bath that displayed the location of all bicycle racks within the city. 

Bike to Work Day: Community Ride
On Friday, May 17th, a bike ride was held to celebrate Bike to Work Day. Approximately 6 citizens participated in the ride. Departure was from the Bath YMCA at 7am. Cyclists were joined by 12 Bath Middle School Students who are learning bicycle safety skills, through the Riding For Focus Program, led by BMS teacher, Lawrence Kovacs. 

Bath Maine Bike Month Community Ride 2019

Committee Blog
Tim Blair, Committee Member, developed a Bike/Ped blog. The intent is to promote news, education, advocacy and issues of importance pertaining to pedestrian and bicycle activities in Bath.

Community Involvement Day
The Committee had a display at the 2019 Community Involvement Day. Due to rain, the event was held at the Bath Elks Club, instead of the usual, more scenic location  of Waterfront Park. Participation  in the day increases visibility of the committee and gives citizens the opportunity to voice concerns on bike/ped issues. 

Bath Safety Day
Bath Safety Day was held, Saturday, June 1st at the Water Street parking lot next to the Bath Police Department. Committee members assisted in fitting helmets, tuning up bicycles and directing a bicycle skills obstacle course.