Updates on Bath City Infrastructure

Updates to the built environment to improve bicycling and walking in the City of Bath during the past six months include:

  1. Restriping along High Street to calm traffic and encourage a safe environment for all road users.
  2. Creation and widening of the sidewalk on Congress Street over Route 1. In addition to improving the safety of this stretch of road, this improvement joins the multi-use path from the junction of High and Congress Streets, past the future high school and Atlantic Townhouse, over Route 1 to the CVS on State Road and the adjacent Residence Inn. See picture below.
  3. Installation of additional signage at the intersection of High and Center Street and Court Street to improve safety of all those transiting the intersection.
  4. Repaved sidewalks on Middle (Centre to Winter), Chestnut, and Andrews Streets in conjunction with natural gas work.