Bike to School Day @ BMS

On Wednesday, May 12, 2021, Bath Middle School students and teachers, and members of the Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee participated in a special Bike to School Day event. The event raised awareness about the benefits of biking to school and encourages students to consider it as an option to other modes of transportation.

Lawrence Kovacs, a teacher from RSU1, and a member of the Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee, organized this year’s event and had this to say:

“Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate Bike To School Day today! We had twenty three students and six teachers arrive at school by bike (plus one on an electric scooter). A big shout out to teachers Paige Gallagher, Micah Depper, Roman Quinn, Tom Bennoch and Amanda Brewer for joining the group from the YMCA. Thanks to Karen Curley for handing out prizes and stickers back at school. Thanks to community members Kevin Shute and Tim Blair for riding with us, both of whom serve on the Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee. And thanks to Jim Tasse at The Bicycle Coalition of Maine for sending a big box of great prizes for the kids. They loved them! Today created a positive buzz around commuting by bike, and hopefully events like this will encourage more kids to consider riding instead of driving or taking the bus. “