Announcing the Kevin Shute Bicycle and Pedestrian Education and Advocacy Fund

Kevin Shute, Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

The Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee has established the “Kevin Shute Bicycle and Pedestrian Education and Advocacy Fund” as a way to accept donations for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee while also recognizing Kevin Shute who is a current and a founding member of the Committee. 

Committee members wanted to find a way to properly recognize the contributions made by Kevin Shute and decided that this fund is a perfect way to honor Kevin for his passion and knowledge of cycling, his patience and ability to work with everyone, and for his generosity of the time he has given to the community over the past 10 years. 

The Purpose of The Funds Raised

The Committee works closely with Bath City Staff to help prioritize projects and other items for inclusion in the budgets of Public Works, Planning & Development, and the Parks and Recreation Department. There are occasions when the Committee identifies important but unexpected expenditures for which no funds have been budgeted. These might include signage for new walking trails, banners to promote biking and walking, educational materials and other unexpected advocacy and promotional expenses. Expenses like these can now be covered using this special fund.

How To Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation, you may do so by writing a Check to the City of Bath, and in the memo field indicate “Bike Ped”. Checks can be delivered to the Treasurer’s Office at Bath City Hall, 55 Front Street, Bath, Maine.

Funds will be expended based on a committee vote to ensure they will be utilized for the purposes they were intended. These gifts to the Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee are not tax deductible.