Recent Accidents Stress the Importance of Biking Safety Basics

One of the goals of the Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee is to make cycling a safe and pleasurable experience for Bath cyclists. Over the past month, three local cyclists have been involved in significant accidents.  Hopefully all involved will fully recover.

The Bike/Ped committee offers these reminders to cyclists of the basics of riding safety.

Wear a helmet!

  • Maine State law states anyone under age 16 must wear a helmet.  No matter your age, wearing a helmet protects riders from serious head injury.
  • Make sure the helmet fits properly and is certified with an appropriate sticker.

Obey the Rules of the road.

  • Ride in a straight line and in single file if riding with a group.
  • Always ride with traffic. Take the travel lane to set up for a left turn , to pass a vehicle or avoid an unsafe situation
  • Use Hand signals. Extend left arm to signal a left turn, extend right arm to signal a right turn and left arm down to signal stop.
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals! It’s the law!!
  • Be alert and look ahead to avoid obstacles.
  • Leave plenty of room when passing parked cars to avoid opening doors.
  • Don’t ride on the sidewalk unless under the age of 12. It puts riders in a position where drivers and pedestrians are not expecting to see them.

Dress Brightly

  • Wear brightly colored clothing and reflective materials so you may be easily seen
  • Avoid loose fitting clothing, tuck in shoelaces and secure loose straps.
  • Maine law requires a cyclist to have a headlight (visible for 200 ft.) and a rear reflector when riding after dark. These are good during the day also.

Quick Check of Bicycle

  • Check tire air pressure. Proper pressure is indicated on the wall of the tire.
  • Check you brakes. Properly functioning brakes are vital to insure safety. If you are unsure about the brake function, check with your local bike shop.
  • Make sure your chain is clean and not rusty. After cleaning your chain some chain lube is a good idea.
  • Give your bike a once over and make sure quick releases are secured.

Please be safe, responsible and enjoy your ride.

Happy Trails.
Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee

Bath Cyclists on a Ride