Missing The Bus

On a recent episode of the (excellent) podcast 99 Percent Invisible, it was noted that transportation is the single greatest source of greenhouse gasses in the U.S.

Sources of Greenhouse Gases 2017
Source: Environmental Protection Agency

It further discussed how buses are an effective, technologically feasible way of reducing these greenhouse gasses.

The Bath Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee works to improve the built environment for bicyclists, walkers, and runners in the City of Bath, Maine. As noted in the podcast, these facilities are a part of the overall transportation network, and buses are a part of this network as well.


In the City of Bath, the City Bus provides transportation from Monday through Friday from 8-5:30 p.m. on both a South and North Loop for $1 / ride.

The bus schedule, map, and additional information on bus operations can be found on the City of Bath website here: https://www.cityofbath.com/citybus

This post authored by Committee Member, Anne Dunham